Do They Know Your Domain Name?

OK Stop with search engine optimization (SEO) whole conversation, we don’t care, our customers know our phone number, they know our website address, new customers all come in by referral so they know how to find us. We have no need to concern ourselves with getting high rankings in the Search Engines.

UNTIL it becomes a concern. 83% of desktop users Google your website even when they know your actual domain name. For example we all know Amazon, also fair to say we all know out of the 236 Million Hits to Amazon in the last 30 days only 44 million users actually typed

When looking at the web statistics of any web site you will see the direct traffic to your URL versus the sum of all organic keywords, the organic keywords will be greater. In the instance of Amazon one is going to clearly see Amazon in the search results. Its recently been announced that Sears - is going to be moving their online model towards a Amazon type model. Hypothetical let’s say Sears decided to target Amazon and it keywords Amazon, Amazon Prime, Kindle etc.Then a user types Amazon in the search bar and Sears links makes it up on page one of the search results. Now Sears has moved into Amazons space. So in this hypothetical we are speaking of internet giants, but lets get back to you.

If you still feel you should not be concerned consider this, you are ACME Hammer Company (dot com) one of your resellers Googles ACME Hammer Company, now in the results all of your competitors are coming first - HOW?

Your competition has taking the time to target your name in their keywords, they may have written and posted content on the internet using your company name and products then have redirected the content and the Search Traffic back to their site not yours.

If your site is Search Engine Optimize, and your competition comes along and puts their efforts in to your company keywords, you really can’t take the attitude that you will cross that bridge when you get there because by then it may be too late. In the case of your competition moving into your keyword space it will make it difficult to bring your website up in the rankings to take your space back.

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