BRAND LEVERAGE Define who you are by ensuring your business brand is conveyed in the digital world.

Brand Leverage

Who Are You? Who Do We Want to Be? From a reality perspective, how does your business fit when it comes to market share and the types of clients you attract as well as maintain. Does the reality of the image of who you are as a business convey to your digital media perspective, Website Design, Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization and overall online brand? How do we define who we are?

First, you need a clear vision of who your customer base is, especially if it has proven lucrative, and expand your brand appeal without alienating your current clients. Your website presence and it’s functionality is THE place to convey your image given that most of us are influenced by the appearance of a site as well as it’s complexity. The general rule of thumb is you need to grab a customer’s attention in under 4 seconds, and that is done with a clear and appealing image upon opening your Web Site.

If you already have been in business for a couple of years, examine who your current clients are, create a list of your existing customers then divide them up into groups. The groups should be according to the type of business you are in. A service business is different than an ecommerce website. Looking at the groups of current customers – which customer groups do you want to attract more of, which ones are most profitable? The key is conducting business efficiently, brand accordingly and give your business the ability to grow and handle the types of clients you want.


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