ECOMMERCE MARKETING can be difficult to navigate yourself. Let the experts at Web Cola Media successfully build your online store and launch it effectively.


Do you sell items online? You can’t make any money from your ecommerce website if there’s no one visiting your website. This is where ecommerce marketing comes in. Ecommerce marketing will help to drive up sales by increasing visibility of your website and what you have to offer.

Ecommerce marketing makes use of various marketing channels. Some of the most common include:

1. Email marketing

This makes use of emails to generate sales for ecommerce websites. It involves the use of abandoned cart notifications, newsletters featuring new products as well as remarketing emails that target potential as well as past customers.

2. Search engine optimization

This is the application of various techniques to improve the visibility of ecommerce websites to search engines. The techniques used include content development, social media engagement and obtaining relevant inbound links. Effective SEO increases organic traffic from search engines.

3. Social media marketing

This increases the visibility of a brand on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It involves engaging with potential and present customers on social media.

4. Pay Per Click (AdWords)

These campaigns drive users who have the intent to purchase to ecommerce websites. Websites bid to get top listings on search engine results pages of relevant queries. You pay for the ads based on the number of clicks by users. This makes it a cost effective option for online businesses.

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