What should your consider when hiring a Website Design Company for your business? Maximize your Business Marketing reach and effectiveness.

Top Ten Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Website Design Company

  1. Own Your Own Domain, Register Your WWW Dot Com in Your Name, don’t let a third party purchase your website name.

  2. Is your site going to be coded in HTML or a Content Management System CMS? HTML websites can be moved from one web hosting company to another rather easy. HTML websites tend to do better with search engines than content management websites two

  3. CMS A content management system will typically have a pre-cut template that you will need to fit your content to keep the integrity of the design. CMS websites can be updated by non-technical people.

  4. Google, BING and Yahoo compliance play a major role in how a website is designed and built. Mobile Ready, also known as responsive, a major factor in whether or not a website will be shown by search engines.

  5. To have the opinion you do not care about SEO, is not an option, 83% of desktop users Google your website even when they know your actual domain name. EX www.amazon.com vs Amazon

  6. Once your website is LIVE, how are you going to market it? How much do you think your marketing budget should be?

  7. Where is the website going to be hosted? How much is the monthly cost? Does that include email addresses? Is the hosting Search Engine Friendly?

  8. Website Development is different than website design, development means that site will need to be coded for Database or Specialized Functionality.

  9. Make sure when hiring a professional website that you own the website and its content at the end of the project. (it is the practice of some agency to rent websites)

  10. Should you hire an online marketing company to maintain and grow your websites traffic?

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