Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective ways to manage the reputation of your brand. It is easy to control content and drive traffic to your website through social media. SMM offers you the opportunity to increase your visibility and build loyalty amongst your current customers. It is a cost effective way to drive up sales and increase brand awareness.

Our goal here at WebColaMedia, is to help you help your company or business. We are here to provide you with all of our knowledge about websites and website design. Our long term goal is to build up your Followers, Fans, and Likes, so when it is time push out that promotion, sale or incentive, the subscribers to social media channels will receive your message and they will forward it on to their friends and followers.

As part of our social media services, we do include posting content to popular blogs, such as Word Press and Blogger. Outlets like these are important because whether you believe it or not, it makes your life easier when spreading the word about your business or ideas. With the use of our marketing techniques, the increase of traffic to your site will be extremely noticeable. Your business will be booming in no time!



Social Media Marketing is a great way to show people the ideas and products that your company entails. It only takes us 10-20 minutes to set up and encourage clients to take pictures of your product and share them with the world.


Something that is tough for most small businesses and midsize companies, is generating content that is relative to your business and or industry. Depending on how competitive your business is, Social Media postings may need to go up anywhere from 4 times a month to 4 times a day. This can be a tough assignment when you realize people will actually be reading your posts and you need to be engaging, interesting and considerate of your target audience, so they will forward your content on, thus driving traffic back to your web site.

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Website maintenance

It is important to constantly update your site so that customers are attracted to your business! We are here to update your site as you need, whether it be daily or weekly!


WebColaMedia provides software solutions including design, development and integration services for companies seeking to create or enhance their business applications.

Dedicated Support

We are at your service every step of the way. Never hesitate to call or e-mail us with questions or concerns!

mobile design

Mobile Websites makes it possible for your website to be viewed on any mobile handheld device, whether it be a Smartphone, tablet or iPad, as well as on any desktop device.

Fully Responsive

We are a fully responsive site, that is here to make your decision making and website processing easier and more efficient.

SEO Ready

Getting your website higher up in the search engine is one of our main priorities. We thrive to create traffic to your site!

Is Social Media Marketing really that big of a deal?

Why do you keep hearing you need Social Media? The truth is there are a few elements that make it necessary. The first and most important is that it is a major part of your search engine marketing. HOW? Search Engines rank web sites based on back links (links from other web site back to yours) Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, are among the top ranked web sites in the world. So a link from highly ranked web sites back to yours helps your site move higher up in the rankings.
Creating a single back link from the major social media web sites is not enough...On a regular basis, content needs to be posted to your Social Media accounts to continually help with your search engine rankings. The content that is posted should carry keywords and key phrases that are relative to your business as well as the keywords and key phrases that are submitted to the Search Engines every month. This will help with making your website more noticeable on the internet.


Get active and spread your companies ideas through social media. Let everyone know what you're all about!

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Follow, Like ...

Yes! Social Media Marketing is a major part of your search engine marketing. It will only make your business better!

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Fully Responsive

We are a fully responsive team and work to the best of our ability to help increase views to your site through Social Media Marketing.

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