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Posting a new website to the internet or a newly redesigned website is an exciting day and we inherently would like everybody to see our new site. A fast way to generate traffic is to create an ADWORDS program with Google, Bing, Yahoo and or the Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Consider what words will someone type in a search engine to find your business? Those keywords and key phrases are then attached to ADs, the AD is compiled of words thus the term ADWORDS. Unlike conventional advertising where an advertiser would hope a potential customer would see their ad in a magazine then call, or stop by the store and or go shopping, with Ad Words and Organic Search Results the customer is looking for you - so hopefully there is a link to your website in the search results.

The process of getting to the top of the Search Engines using Ad Words also known as Pay Per Click, "Pay Per Click" best describes the process. As a website owner you bid on clicks, the website with the highest bid gets top placement of the search engines based on key phrases that are in your Ad Words Campaign. If your website link is clicked by a user the user is then directed to your website. At this point you owe the Search Engine the cost of that bid. Example: Fly Fishing Gear is the key phrase, $2.23 is the bid.

It is important to know you can control your cost, you set your daily budget, and when your budget is depleted your campaign is turned off for day. We strongly recommend using an SEO company that is a Google Agency, with a Google Agency a team of Google employees can build, create and maintain you Pay Per Click program. Google’s main motivation to assigning a team to an agency is to improve the success rate and to ensure a positive ROI.

Google is the most competitive Search Engine to engage in Ad Word Marketing, Yahoo and Bing has lower traffic and less of your competition biding against one or another, meaning the biding is not as fierce as it is on Google. Bids are lower on Bing and Yahoo but so is the traffic.

When using ADWORDS on Facebook or any other social media outlet, understand with Google someone is Googling your goods or service, the social websites show ads based on demographics that where entered in to your profile when you initially created the account. So if under the hobby section you posted you like Fly Fishing | you go on your Facebook Page and today there is an ad 20% Off Fly Fishing Gear.

Lastly you should consider a click fraud program attached to your ADWORDS program, click fraud can occur if you are in a highly competitive market, your competition may want to see what you are up to and keep clicking on your ads, costing you money. This can be done from an innocently or to be harmful, either way - the Click Fraud Program will isolate the IP Addresses and block those from seeing your future ads.

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