Online Marketing

Anyone can create an Online Marketing campaign. However, it takes a high level of skill and experience to create a successful campaign. We believe that creating a successful Online Marketing campaign is an art and our team has mastered it.

Our pay per click campaigns are designed to get results. We provide you with the opportunity to increase your leads, sales and profits and not have to spend a ton of money doing so. Our campaigns grow with your business. They’re scalable. This means that you can effectively control the cost of your campaign.

Automated Online marketing services may get the job done but will not get it done well. If you want to maximize on your investment, it’s important to have the human aspect that can think, strategize and adjust the campaign accordingly.



We customize a plan which increases traffic to your website, attracting and targeting the right customers


Innovative solutions for Online Marketing

  • Attractive and motivating Email marketing and Landing Pages
  • Researched and tested keywords and phrases
  • Relavant content and page links to improve rankings
  • Search Engine compliant websites on launch
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We seek to maximize the number of customers viewing your website by ensuring that your site appears high on the search page results

pay per click

Google adwords provides an effective process to increase your website visability by having you appear in relevant searches with less effort

e-mail marketing

We create content that is compelling, inviting customers to visit your site and directing them to where they need to be …FAST

coding and content

Complimenting data is compiled, then incorporated into your Website content through coding.

Research and Testing

Phrases and keywords are measured as to how they effect your PPC ranking and influence the success of your marketing.

SEO Ready

When it is time to go live, it is crucial from day one for your website to be SEO ready


How does website design get results? Understanding that you have less than 4 seconds to capture someone’s interest you them must be mindful of where the customer’s eyes go and what is clear and concise The Website must create funnels for visitors to stream down, ultimately landing on a page where they are surrounded and intrigued by your products and services.

This involves a Website with appealing graphic design, brand and layout, applying the code to content for Online Marketing compatibility while maintaining integrity and structure. Graphically appealing? Yes, but more importantly your Web site will be designed to effectively communicate your marketing message. Our winning track record of RESULTS and experience is embedded in every web site we design.

Web Cola Media was established way back in 1998 when conventional advertising was still big and have since shifted fully to the digital marketing scene and have never looked back. We are confident in our commitment to you as a client and understand the importance of customer service.

Search Engine Optimization

Over 30% of sales go to the top three listed pages on a search results page. Proper SEO gets your website at the top of the list.

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Pay Per Click

We provide a customized campaign designed to be targeted and effective.t

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E-Mail Marketing

Personalized messages along with brand design makes sure your customer opens their mail, reacts and clicks "YES".

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