LANDING PAGES are designed after careful analysis of your business needs, and an ADWORDS program is created to reach your potential audience anywhere, anytime.


What is a Landing Page you ask? A landing page is created to capture a customer’s interest at the time of buying and or the decision-making process.

Web Cola Media most common use of Landing Pages is linked to ADWORD programs. When a Google search results are displayed to a user, the user chooses to click on our AD, and they are brought to a Landing Page. The landing page is skillfully crafted and tested for the best results to convert the user into a buyer or a client. The Landing Page will consist of imagery and content related to what the user Googled, and an outdated practice would have sent the USERS to the company’s homepage.

A Medical Practice is looking for new software that can-do billing on the fly. The medical office is comparing different software platforms to find features they need. They may request a demo from several companies based on their needs and price. A landing page for this type of client would have content that they can relate to, an image of a professional woman in a white coat in front of a computer screen with stacks of medical files behind her. A bullet list of the top features that the software has to offer, 9 or 10 screenshots of the software and a call to action, call, chat or request a DEMO form.

A Product Landing Page is a little different, depending on the where the consumer is in the buying cycle of making a purchase, the type of product, the cost and how technical. A fly fisher may need to see specs, reviews and customer comments versus a Golf Shirt where size, color, and price. The landing page will display a large orange button that says BUY NOW! Along with some extra incentives such as free shipping or 10% off.

Last Note, known as the Funnel or the Squeeze, the landing page should contain enough information that a decision can be made without the user leaving the page. The idea is if they leave the page we lower the odds of conversion.

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