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What Are ADWORDS? Also Known as Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing, OK so what are they? Do a Google Search for a type of product, at the top of the page you will see the word AD, next to usually the top four search results.

Those ADS are there because of a business or an organization PAYING to be at the top of that search results page.  In a Google Dashboard keywords are chosen as relevant to one’s business, the business creates a BID that they are willing to Pay Per Click.


For example: if the Keyword AKA the key phrase is “Fly Fishing Gear” and the going bid is $3.23, through the Google dashboard one would set the BID to $3.28 to move themselves up to the first position. If the competitors see they are no longer number 1 they may and increase their bid up to move themselves back up into first place. A concern for any business is how high the bidding can go? How do we safeguard ourselves from cleaning out the advertising budget in one afternoon?


In your Google Dashboard, you can set your daily budget, when your daily budget is spent you no longer are seen on the results pages. You can use timing tactics to extend your budget, such as, allow your ads to start running from 10 AM to 6 PM, only run your ads Monday thru Thursday, of course, based on the type of business – each one of these timing strategies would be different.


The concept is simple, but the execution of a PPC / ADWORDS program is not, to ensure the best results for Google users, Google has worked extremely hard in keeping a high quality of service. Not following bets best practices when creating an online AD campaign can result in a loss of capital and revenue.

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