TRACKING RESULTS fine-tune your companies promotional emailing's by applying for Web Cola Media’s leading edge tracking program. Understand how your customers are reacting to your marketing campaign.

Tracking Email Results

Web Cola Media has created cutting-edge tracking for email marketing to your client base. We start with some basic concepts and tracking opportunities that allow us to understand how your clients are reacting to your email marketing broadcasts.

Offering an alternative option to your main promotional piece is important. In the simplest example – if you are promoting the sale of a 65 Inch TV, the alternative may be a 35-inch TV or a toaster oven. After 24 hours tally up your clicks based on the Large TV vs. the Smaller Screen vs. the Toaster Oven. If we see a large segment has clicked on the toaster oven, the next step from an online marketing perspective is to target that segment specifically. A follow-up marketing email may have high to low-cost options of toaster ovens or like or similar kitchen appliances.

Another follow up email will be sent to the folks that showed interest in the smaller TV, the conversion rate from the original broadcast email versus the follow up segmented emails goes from an 8% to as much as 80%.

The email marketing tracking data from this kind of broadcasting method is extremely useful, managers and marketers can make precise, targeted promotional decisions that can continually improve sales.

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