When we started out in 1998, we took the route of conventional advertising. However, the shift to information technology began and there was a surge in demand for digital marketing skills. We have always been a forward thinking company and saw the opportunity that digital media offered. We shifted to digital marketing and the rest is history.

Ever evolving

In our transition from conventional advertising to digital marketing, we’ve learned to evolve. The internet, its standards and consumers’ demands are ever changing and we do our best to grow and respond to these changes. We’ve been able to survive the ever changing landscape that characterizes the online world because of who we are.
If there is something we are not, it is conventional and rigid. The online marketing world is ever changing and we have developed a style of operation that allows us to quickly adapt to these changes. Our dynamic company culture has enabled us to meet our customers’ demands for beautiful and functional websites and value adding online marketing campaigns.

Our team

We’re a company that doesn’t believe in doing anything half-heartedly. We’ve gathered a team of highly passionate and skilled individuals. They are passionate about knowledge. They’re passionate about creating new things and providing clients with solutions that stretch the boundary of their imagination. If you’re looking for an innovative solution, there is no better team to deliver it than the Web Cola Media team.

All members of our team are highly skilled and experienced. Our designers and developers are obsessed with providing our clients with websites that will leave their audiences awe-inspired. Our project managers are committed to ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. Many of our clients compliment us not only on the excellent results of their projects but also on the great experiences they have had working with our team. We are definitely proud and happy to be able to have a team this passionate and skilled available for all our clients.

We work hard to develop a work environment that nurtures creativity. We therefore encourage a high level of interaction between team members as well as with clients. You can therefore be confident that the resulting website will not only meet your needs but also will be unique and innovative. If you want to stand out from the crowd, our team will deliver the tools that will put you out there.

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