Who we Are

Web Cola Media is a forward-thinking, fast-moving digital marketing and strategy firm based in New York. Our story reflects the changing nature of the advertising landscape over the past 20 years and demonstrates our ability to thrive in ever-changing conditions.

When our company started in 1998, we began as a conventional advertising firm. We incorporated various media (print, television, radio) to develop strategies for the companies who enlisted our services. With each job we noticed that more and more businesses were asking for help with their web presence- a form of advertising that was finally beginning to gain traction. The surge in requests for digital marketing skills was staggering. We saw the opportunity that digital media offered and didn’t hesitate to make the jump and move exclusively toward web-based services.

Just like our transition from conventional advertising to digital marketing, we’ve learned to evolve our strategies and techniques to suit the conditions. The internet, its standards, and consumer demands are ever-changing. We have developed a style of operation that allows us to grow and respond to these changes quickly. Our dynamic company culture has enabled us to meet our customer’s demands for beautiful, functional websites and value-adding online marketing campaigns.

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