LOCAL LISTING CONTENT let us do a free audit on your website see how the directories index your website, we will check for duplicate listings and inconsistencies


In the process of building Business Directory listings and maintaining their consistency, we also submit batches of content that pertains to your business. This content will include writes up your individual services, your history, philosophy, product descriptions and so on. WHY is this important? All online directories allow a certain amount of characters to be submitted as part of your profile, these profiles are typically limited the amount of characters, as an Online Marketing company using our agency account the amount of content we can submit is unlimited.

How does this work to your benefit? If the content we submit to the business directories is similar but not the same as the content that is on your website, the search engines make the content connection between your website and the content posted on the business directories, in return viewing your website as having relevant content to your industry as well as pushing your website up in Organic Search Engine Results.
A Little Deeper in Detail On This Service for Clarity

Consider YELP, an incredible services used by millions, to find restaurants, reviews, things to do, look at service companies and so on. In regards to your Local Listing on YELP, they may only allow 600 characters for your business description, in our agency account although only 600 characters are visible to YELP users, the 5000 characters are still in the profile being picked up by the search engines. Next point with millions of folks visiting YELP, that traffic is now associated with your website, even if you never get one click from YELP, the search engines view your site as being linked to a very highly visited website.

This is also known as Back Links – SIDE NOTE: when considering Social Media Marketing, there are 2 kinds, Branding where the object is to Engage Users in a Conversation or posting content to Social Media websites to create back links from extremely popular websites, Facebook, Twitter ETC.

SEO Content Back Building cannot change, modify, add or remove reviews or influence the review rating system.

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