Getting Customers to Open the Email and Say "Yes"!

Email marketing has the potential to reach your intended audience anywhere, anytime. Big brand names and big box stores understand the importance of this form of communication. They allocate 68% of their online marketing budget to email marketing, design, and research.

The information you can obtain form conducting an email campaign is immensely valuable. Statistical data tells the story of how the users reacted to any email marketing campaign, so the ability to interpret the information and then carry out a plan on how to act on this knowledge is a great competitive edge for your business.

Let’s take the simple act of opening an email, for example. If you look over time at your email campaign you might see that certain email topics were more interesting to your customer base than others- as shown by the number of people who clicked on the email. The statistical information can almost be viewed like voting, if a user opens your email marketing piece, that’s like them saying YES, I am interested. A non-click means NO, I am not interested.

Creative Ideas

We design your unique email with strong and attractive incentives.

Targeted Lists

Client lists customized and tested to insure a successful response to your campaign.

Tracking Results

Measured reports on leads, sales and client activity make for an effective marketing tool.

Web Cola Media can help create more YES than NO clicks by developing a well-conceived marketing campaign

So many missed opportunities from poorly conceived email marketing campaigns. Without clear and concise indications as to what your customers need to do, your email is dead in the water. Links should be everywhere and coded to allow you to track your customers and land them exactly where they need to be. They should be directly to a well designed and welcoming landing page which encourages a clear call to action – BUY NOW, CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE and FILL OUT THIS FORM to name a few.


Your message has just seconds to impact customers. We'll generate a campaign that does just that.


Professionally designed emails and landing pages compel customers to visit your Website.


Target, capture and successfully reach your business's key customer base.


Follow recipient activity to fine tune your Email marketing operation.

Web Cola Media Breaking Thru the Blasts

Marketing Experience to Reach and Retain Customers

  • Clear design and strong message
  • Compilation, segmentation and management of valuable contact lists
  • Testing done through different email clients and browsers
  • Analysis of recipient activity and react
Email Marketing Best Practices

We start with your customer list and expand it generating the most positive responses to your Emails.


Personalized messages along with brand design that makes customers take action.


Acknowledging your new client is crucial. We'll make sure this is done seamlessly.


Segmenting your contact list improves results. Have your messages read and not deleted.


Make sure your message gets heard and your customer reacts - CLICK HERE or BUY NOW.


Did the email marketing piece have a strong enough incentive? Our customer reports and tracking will provide that insight.

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