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Whether considering entering into the world of ecommerce or you already have a website store and looking to improve sales or you have a website and now you would like to add a store to your existing site. Contacting Web Cola Media and we can discuss what are you doing what is working what is not, what are your goals, who is or will be your competition and how to target market share to improve sales. 

Websites have to be graphically appealing Web Cola Media offers 2 layers to designing a website; the first layer is your website will be designed by a graphic designer. We will present a design to you in a sophisticated JEPG form for your approval. Once you approve the second layer our coding team steps in and converts the website design to code. We point out the 2 layers because the graphic designers understand design what is visually appealing and creates customers to buy from your website

Let’s get started with your website today Give us a call 866-WEB-COLA or fill out the form.


We are extremely versed in many ecommerce platforms, if you are interested or currently using an ecommerce platform, we will work with you, or if you are looking for a new platform we will help there as well - give us a call at 866-WEBCOLA to start the conversation


Building your online ecommerce store and expanding your sales is why we say get the experts on your team

  • Web Cola Media is responsible for millions of dollars in sales
  • Your website will be fully supported and backed by us
  • Our sales techniques will increase your bottom line
  • Knowbody knows your business better than you, we listen
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Control your content, pricing, inventory, add and remove products interact with your customers


Create sales promotionals, coupons, buy one get one free, free shipping


Built in SEO for customized title tags, meta tags and keyword tagging


Follow up on an abandon cart will typically increase your annual sales by 53%


Viewing your ecommerce website on a mobile device will entice your customer to purchase


You can effortlessly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex credit and debit cards from your customers.

eCommerce Website Solutions 

Web Cola Media offers more then just a shopping cart for your site. We offer a complete bundle including email, hosting, support, site statistics, affiliate tracking, banner management and design tools. Our ecommerce solutions are completely customizable from the shopping cart software configuration to the design, and our premier ecommerce web hosting is backed by a worldwide monitoring system.

OK so now you have an attractive looking site, you can process orders, customers can click on the wonderful photography, you now have an online retail ecommerce store on the internet you have arrived, BUT where is everybody? What happened to the old expression build and they will come? Here's where the expense of running an online ecommerce website discussion begins. It's all about the traffic, it's all about the numbers, it's all about Return on Your Investment .You need to build a plan that will generate traffic and that traffic will ultimately lead to sales. How do we get traffic to your website?


An integrated professional shopping cart experience for your customers to purchase your products online

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In the back office of your ecommerce website you will be able to view orders, update inventory and much more...

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Build it and they will come, as long as you include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Email Marketing ...

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