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online shopping

Google Mobilegeddon

Google announced the spilt of its Search Engine prioritizing Mobile over Desktop. Basically, there will be a database for mobile friendly websites and a database for Desktop website.

online shopping


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E-mail Marketing

Email marketing can help get your brand out into the world, rewarding your returning customers, and gaining new customers by using incentives. Check out some of our E-mail Marketing articles by clicking above!

Hiring a Professional Series

When hiring a professional you have to be sure you are confident that whomever you hire will be able to live up to your expectations. You have to be sure that they are knowledgeable enough to helpmake your busniess bigger and better!

SEO and Social Media Marketing Blog Articles

SEO & Social Media Marketing share the same purpose of pushing your website higher up in the rankings and creating more traffic to your site. Also good marketing skills can help your site rise to the top. Learn more by clicking above!

Google Ad Words

AdWords can become costly and intimadating but when researched and used properly they can get your website to the top of any search engine. Click above to read more about using AdWords and how functional they can be!