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Search engine optimization (SEO) involves using techniques and practices to improve your website’s ranking on search engines. Given that most people do not look past the first page of search results, this is something that can make a huge difference to your business. When building any website, we consider SEO right from the beginning- that’s how important it is.

The factors that search engines use to determine a website’s ranking are constantly improving to help people find the most relevant information. It is not enough to pad your site with keywords- you need a thoughtful SEO strategy that includes relevant and timely content, meaningful links, and purposeful page structure. At Web Cola Media we know individual organizations need individualized plans. A customized plan will make an impact on search engines to increase traffic to your website.

Web Cola Media will design your website or provide analysis on your existing website using the latest SEO principles. Let our winning SEO strategy help you get to the top of the results page.

First In Search

Increasing visibility to your website is a calculated process that requires time, strategic planning and expertise.

How Do You Get to the Top

We do a competitive audit on your organization and relevance to your top rivals …

What is Organic SEO?

When looking at a search results page, the results without the “Ad” are known as organic.

Our Approach

We’re an online marketing in New York that offers SEO services to individuals and organizations in New York and throughout the world. We’ve refined our approach over the past few years to provide our clients with exceptional results. We offer our clients the benefit of using a wide variety of tools for their campaigns. However, through research and strategizing, we can ensure that we apply the right tools to our clients’ campaigns to provide excellent results.

For new websites, we’ll consider optimization right from the beginning. We’ll ensure that search optimization is taken into consideration when designing your website. For existing websites, we carry out an analysis to help us develop a winning strategy. Our online marketing services include link building, content management, competitor analysis, strategic validation and keyword research amongst many other necessary services. Contact us today to learn about what we can do for you.

Audit | Research

In depth examination of your industry, competition and market is complied.


The compiled data is then hard coded into the content of your site.


Consistency is key, the data in the code is complimented by the sites content.


Strategically aiming at a moving target. Your SEO campaign will consistently evolve.

Web Cola Media offers SEO services that include:

  • Creating relevant content for your site
  • Identifying and researching keywords and key phrases for potential users
  • Google compliance and updates
  • SEO progress tracking and reporting
More Information

Words most commonly typed into search engines to find your website.


When other websites are linked to your website this improves your rankings.


The content on your website should carry the conversation of your goods / services .


A ratio of content vs keyword frequency determines density, balance is key.


Google, BING and Yahoo rely on over 50 directories to validate businesses, address, phone number.


Jargon at its best, basically rules set forth by search engines for getting your website on the results page.

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