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As a business owner you probably get what seems like 100s of calls a day, claiming your Google profile is incomplete or your Business Name, Address and Phone Number has been flagged by several users. You may wonder who are these people, what are they talking about and should you be concerned. Of course any sales call it’s always nice to create a sense of urgency, urgent it may not, but important YES.


The ROBO calls and the sales team behind them do not present the whole picture, what has happened basically GOOGLE is looking to block anyone you using multiple addresses for the purpose of multiple listings with in the search engines. If a business has multiple addresses Google requires the verification of each address. If an address is not verified and or is inconsistencies across the web directory channels, this will negatively affect how a website is show in Search Results.


But the verification of your address is a multi-prong process, if this process is done strategically and consistent with the online marketing of your website, it will work as a major competitive advantage.


All Google directories are free to update – this is where the ROBO callers will miss guide you, you can simply create a Gmail Email account and update your GOOGLE business directory, but when it comes to Google displaying your website in a local search the GOOGLE directory is NOT the only directory that influences the Google results. The results are the sum of the consistency of your business directory listings across 40 to 60 major directory websites.


As part of our SEO service we ensure your Business Directory is updated, consistent and monitor the directories to stay consistent. During this process we also submit relative content to the directories, targeting your keywords and phrases, we call this “SEO Content Back Build”.

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