EMAIL DESIGN is not just about reaching your customers. It is about being visually appealing, subject appropriate, and about making your email stand out from the crowd. Web Cola Media can help you get noticed. 866-WEB-MEDIA


Email marketing has become the new postcard although we say that lightly, but the thought is you receive an email from a company marketing products or services, you will typically make a decision within seconds, to read, delete, save for later or maybe forward it on to someone else. Very similar to when you receive a postcard at your home or office. At Web Cola Media we pride ourselves on our email marketing capabilities in 2014 we generated over 450,000 sales or leads for our clients. There are many aspects of what makes Email Marketing Successful.


Subject Line maybe the most important aspect of email marketing, this is what is scene first and in the case of some mobile devices the only thing scene. Subject Lines need to be conversational “What are we doing for Halloween?” or “How’s 60% Off Everything Sound?” Creating Subject Lines that are effective vary from industry to industry; the tone of the subject line varies as well form light to a more serious tone.


The design of the email is also very important, the message has to be clear and concise and graphically appealing. The Email Design needs to include a call to action SHOP NOW, LEARN MORE, a common mistake is NOT to load up the email with links back to the sight, this is a missed opportunity, an example the Company Logo should be linked to the company homepage or the promotional page, graphics with in the email design should be linked as well. Last but not least to include “Having Trouble Viewing this Email Click Here”. The top portion on the Email is the most important aspect of the design this part of the design that needs to draw them in.


After an email is sent we understand exactly what the audience reacted to positively in the product mix, what aspect of design they were most drawn to versus what aspect of the Email Marketing piece that did not work. Compiling the positive data from last the email, a new email is created for to hone in on the target audience to create a larger reaction for more sales or leads.


Every industry is different, every industry has its niche of when is a good time of the week to send an email marketing piece, what time of the day to send, as well as a frequency, we sent an email yesterday is today too soon to send another one? During the holidays online retailers hit their email lists pretty hard and some have been know send an email a head of time offering recipients to opt out for the Holidays then added back on the lists after the holidays.


As part of our service email marketing service we broadcast all email messages in sync with all of the clients Social Media and Blogging Outlets as form of a greater reach as well as it enhances the any Search Engine Optimization SEO programs the website maybe enrolled.


The best email list is your own, the most positive reaction from email marketing is from people who know you. Create your lists from inquiries, from past sales, events like trade shows and networking, as well of course on your website ask folks to sign up for promotions, marketing materials, news and articles, and upcoming events.

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