Beautiful Websites that Get Results

Your company website should be attractive and inviting, but more importantly it should give you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re after more sales, leads, new customers, or improved relations with existing customers we can help you achieve your goals.

Web Cola Media specializes in the design of high-performance websites, e-commerce, and custom application business solutions that increase sales and build brand loyalty. We are based in Long Island, in Jericho, New York and work with brands locally and from all over the United States to perfect their digital marketing strategies.

Our team works together to ensure your project is a success. Our graphic designers will create the perfect layout, design, and branding for your website. Then our coding team applies the design to code, while maintaining an integrity and structure to your site. The resulting website is one that is visually stunning and effectively communicates your marketing message.

Building Your Website

You need an outstanding website if you want to be the website of choice amongst all the noise.

Mobile Ready Responsive Website

More people are turning to their mobile devices to learn, know, go and buy on the internet.

Content Development

Content tells the world who you the Search Engines can tell the world how to find you.

Top 10 Things to Know

What should you consider when hiring a Website Design Company for your Business?

From owning your own domain name so third parties can't purchase it to SEO and driving traffic to your website. Web Cola Media can guide you through the difficult process of deciding when and who to hire. How does website design get results - understanding that you have less than 4 seconds to capture some ones interest, understanding were the eye goes, what is clear and concise, creating funnels for visitors to stream down to a landing place where they are surrounded and intrigued by your products and services. To think that females and males perspectives on were the navigation should be.


A conceptual mockup will be presented to your team for perusal and comments


The design will be converted into essentially an interactive homepage


During the coding phase a sitemap is created and content is gathered.


Content is reviewed, functionality checked, integrity tested - we GO LIVE

Web Cola Media creates attractive and effective selling platforms with our:

  • Innovative and functional website designs
  • Outstanding customer service and communication with clients
  • Attention to search engine compliance
More Information

A truly competitive website is constantly changing - we can help with ongoing updates.


Creative? design is dictated by search engines and code, the message conveys the creativity.


Content has to be compelling, provoking a call, a sale and capture your audience…FAST.


We offer maintenance programs that are cost effective and keep your website up to date.


Your responsive website will automatically conform to desktop, tablet and smart phones.


When it is time to go live, it is crucial from day one for your website to be SEO ready

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