Everything Starts With a Website

We talk about innovative award winning web site design, and while that’s very exciting, we know the bottom line is always the results. You are looking for sales, you are looking for leads, and you are looking for new customers and improved relations with existing customers. Awards are nice, but results are better. You are looking for Web Cola Media.

Web Cola Media is a Web Design Company specializing in the design of high performance websites, ecommerce, and custom application business solutions that increase sales and build brand loyalty. Our client base is national and we communicate with our clients through the Internet using Go to Meeting, conference calls, and email. We are based out of Long Island, in Jericho, NY.

Your website will be designed by a professional graphics designer, the design is custom created for your business and your business only. The initial website design will be presented to you in the form of a mock up, the mock up is typically one oversized JPEG, a piece of artwork. The design will convey the company colors, logo, brand and your businesses style and energy an the future direction.

When the website design is approved by you and your organization the graphics are then forwarded to the development team to transfer the website design into code. During the development process we will require you to create a sitemap and presenting us with copy, graphics, photos and any other content that will be posted on the website.


Create an online presence that will enhance your brand and reflect your organizations focus and determination.


Web Cola Media has combined innovation and intuitiveness in the web environment, creating effective selling platforms for our clients.

  • A Proven Track Record of Results
  • Website Designs That Work For You
  • Customer Service? Yes We Answer the Phone
  • Search Engine Compliant Websites on Launch
The Process of Design



A truly competitive website is constantly changing - we can help with ongoing updates


Creative? design is dictated by search engines and code, the message conveys the creativity


Content has to be compelling, provoking a call, a sale and capture your audience…FAST


We offer maintenance programs that are cost effective and keep your website up to date

Fully Responsive

Your responsive website will automatically conform to desktop, tablet and smart phones

SEO Ready

When it is time to go live, it is crucial from day one for your website to be SEO ready


How does website design get results - understanding that you have less than 4 seconds to capture some ones interest, understanding were the eye goes, what is clear and concise, creating funnels for visitors to stream down to a landing place where they are surrounded and intrigued by your products and services. To think that females and males perspectives on were the navigation should be.

Your site will carry a Graphic Designers eye for the perfect layout, design and brand, then applying the design to code, while maintaining integrity and structure. Graphically appealing? Yes, but more importantly your Web site will be designed to effectively communicate your marketing message. Our winning track record of RESULTS and experience is embedded in every web site we design.

OK we know your busy, but to let you know we have been an internet company for 16 years, before making the shift from a conventional advertising firm that was established in 1992. We are pretty confident in our to you as a client, putting all the products and services we offer, we understand the importance of customer service.

Creative DESIGNS

Capturing your visitors interest in under 4 seconds, depends on design and a creative message

The Process of Creating a Website


You should know before hiring a professional website design company, download our free checklist

Top 10 ThingYou Should Before Hiring a Website Company

Fully Responsive

Mobile ready, all of our websites are fully responsive and pass the Google mobile ready criteria

Mobile Friendly Design


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