ORGANIC SEO involves numerous steps to make sure your business remains competitive. The Optimization of Your Website is the Most Crucial Aspect of Your Online Marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Definition – this term typically refers to where your website is ranked with websites that search the internet based on a key phrase. Websites that search the internet are also called search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The ranking also known as Organic Placement is the number SPOT where your website comes up on the list of results after a key phrase is searched.

A key phrase is a few words grouped together that one would typically use to find something on a search engine, from a service and product perspective someone looking for a Dog Groomer, the key phrase typed maybe “Dog Groomer NYC” and click search.

Why do some sites come on the top while others do not? If you notice in the graphic below next to the letter “A” you see “About 95,400 Results” for the Key Phrase “Dog Groomer NYC.” This is how many websites are hoping to be found under this KEYPHRASE. In the “B” example you will see the icon “AD” these are not organic results, these are called PAY PER CLICK and or ADWORDS.

In the “C” Example you will see 2 YELP Web Sites Links – they are the first organic results on the page. And the “D” shows the organic results based on LOCAL Listing. Local Listings must be manually submitted to each Search Engine. Local listing works like this, when the key phrase “Dog Groomer NYC” is submitted in this case Google referenced my internet connection, reviewed the KEY PHRASE and produced the below results based on our approximate location to New York City address that offers Dog Grooming.

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