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The benefits of Google Local Listing are more important than ever for smaller businesses competing with nationwide big box stores. The service offers local businesses the advantage of possibly coming up higher in the search ranking over nationwide stores, provided you’ve claimed your local business name and given accurate information. Local Listings help you advertise where local customers are looking.

The Local Listing can also create a sense of confidence for potential customers looking to use your services. For example, a new customer may be cautious when purchasing from your website, but when they view your local listing and see your physical presence, they can be confident that you are not some ‘fly-by-night’ operation and you will be there in the future if they have a need.

Web Cola Media builds master online marketing plans around Local Listings. By evaluating the competition, constructing clusters of keywords and phrases that are imperative to your businesses, and considering other unique aspects of the company, this strategy can deliver the results you are looking for.

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Paid Directory Listing

While people shop all over the world, they are innately local. Make sure your profile has local appeal.

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New Business Opportunities

98% of customers choose a business that they find on Page 1 of their search results. We'll make sure you are there.

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Local Listing Audit

Local listings instill trust in your business providing a physical location for your online shoppers.

Keep Your Business Prominent is Search Engine Result Pages

Ranking high on SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) is every business owner's ‘Holy Grail”, but how do you get there? Establishing your Google Local Listing is the first place to start, but in order to drive up those all-important Google rankings, you must create back links to your website from sites with high authority citation sources. That’s where we come in by placing your business listing on all of the prominent online directories – that’s when you’ll see your site climb up to the top of the page.


It's simple for someone to pretend to be your business online. Control your business and claim your listing.


Insure your business listing category is relevant to the search phrase entered by your customers.


More online information increases your credibility and the likelihood of users making a purchase.


Done correctly, Google Local Listings provides a high return on investment.

Web Cola Media can help with your Google Local Listings by:

  • Drive traffic to your business easily and efficiently
  • Advertise where local customers are looking
  • Improve your website visibility
  • Helping you realize a greater return on investment than print advertising
More Information

Keep your business information current across all sources to improve Google ranking.


Local customers will find you increasing your bottom line.


Listings in major local search engines will improve your businesses position dramatically.


Create valuable links by listing your business with high authority citation sources.


Local Listings and local SEO evens the playing field between small business and big retailers.


Claim your local business listing and protect your companies reputation.

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