Ensure Your Website Performs Well on Any Device

According to Forbes magazine, over 87% of all online sales will be done over tablets and smartphones. Customers clearly favor the ease of use that mobile devices afford, and your website should address this important trend. After all, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you. A responsive mobile site is an important feature that promotes brand consistency and establishes your name with users who are more likely to return again and again for future purchases.

Web Cola Media can help you make sure your mobile website performs well on any device. We focus on functionality, responsiveness, and the appearance of your site. Responsive sites generally load faster than traditional sites and eliminate the need for the user to adjust the screen or scroll excessively when looking at the site on-the-go.

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Create a site that maintains your business image across all mobile devices as well as desk tops.

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Mobile Apps

Integrate Social Media platforms with your Mobile site to promote your business.

Mobile Marketing

Make your Web Site compatible with analytics that are needed to maximize your ranking on Search Engines.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly is a term coined by Google to enhance the mobile users experience.
It is crucial that your website automatically responds in size and the ease of use based on device desktop, tablet or mobile

What your Responsive Website needs?
Functionality first and foremost. Consumers are impatient and they want to keep moving especially when it comes to their purchases. Responsive sites generally load faster than traditional sites and eliminate the need for the pinching and excessive scrolling that comes with non-responsive sites.  Customers want links at their fingertips – phone calls, directions and social media links must be a tap away.


Design needs to be formatted so customers can quickly understand your brand.


Users expect functionality to be in place and want your site to be at their fingertips.


Customers want to click on your address or phone number and have your site will react.


All your navigation, email sign ups, and chat requests are coded and will be responsive.

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Web Cola Media wants your customers to have an excellent mobile experience when visiting your site. We do this by:

  • Customizing your site to be viewed over varied platforms
  • Providing your site with optimal functionality
  • Ensuring compatibility with marketing analytics
  • Connecting to customers over IOS and Android devices
Customer experiences across platform with Mobile

Mobile shoppers make up 50% of all E-commerce traffic. Your site needs to be ready.


Find out what percentage of customers find your business through their mobile devices.


Have your site look as good on a Mobile Device as it does on a Desk Top.


Your customers need the ability to promote your brand through various social media channels.


Constancy of your site from desk top to mobile allows ease of use for your customers.


Maximize your rankings with a responsive Web site that is Google friendly.

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