PAY PER CLICK CAMPAIGN strategically improve your Company's Google rankings and Web Site Sales through a carefully composed Adword program

How are we going to build your Pay Per Click ADWORDS Campaign?

First things first, Web Cola Media will run a full analysis on your website, on your industry, and competitors, using state of the art software, that tells us what people are typing into search engines to find businesses like yours. Our analysis will tell us how many times in the last month a particular key phrase was used, what was the going cost per clicks (bid), and predictions on what the competition is going to spend as well as KEYWORD trends.

Next Step – inside your Google ADWORD Campaign is to create clusters of key phrases that are similar, the larger the cluster and the closer the similarities will keep your cost down. Each Ad Group is linked to related pages on your website that carries similar or the same key phrases to elevate the probability of click thru and for the users to find the relevant content they are searching.

If your current site does not have a page with content that includes the key phrases we will recommend one. This page is known as a landing page, and landing pages are designed to bring users to a page that caters to that users thinking in the decision-making process, of purchasing and or hiring a service. This determination can be made by what key phrases they Googled. For example, a person keying in Website Design vs. Professional Website Online Marketing Agency. The longer key phrase tells us this person is closer to the making a decision versus the shorter phrase. During an AD Campaign, landing pages are continually, revamped, redesigned, rewritten to maximize the results and keep the cost per clicks down.

Launching the ADWORDS campaign, we always start off slowly to allow trends to show themselves, moving forward we calculate and aggressively move the campaign forward. The most important statistic we need to know is YOU, are people calling, are they using the inquiry forms, are you converting sales.

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