ENGAGE and attract a new audience by expanding your Social Media presence. Create Content that expands your Online Marketing target.

Engage Social Media Marketing

Web Cola Media offers a wide variety of Social Media Marketing Programs, getting LIKES on Facebook, Follow’s on Twitter or joining a blogger account to influence potential customers, repeat business - join the conversation of the world’s most important brand - Yours!

Finding reasons or sometimes reasons find you why and or how to engage in to Social Media Marketing. Of course the obvious to promote, talk about who you are, what is happening with your business, upcoming events, product upgrades and releases. BUT from an audience perspective that can get boring really quick. We recommend that your social media content to target more on the peripheral of the space your industry exists. If your business specializes in home disaster recovery, give tips on fire prevention, how to prepare for tropical winds, etc.

A common practice is maybe a little daring, is to deal with customer service issues, one of our clients, their Facebook account grew to epic proportions, folks started asking for specific tips and advice, which in return the account grew even bigger. Than to boot and not planned the company started answering customer support issues, the company has an incredible staff and a real no-hassle return policy, right out in the open people could see the awesome customer services.

Web Cola Media Creates almost 50 Social Media Accounts for each campaign, on a weekly basis we post content several times to the multiple outlets. With a mix of relevant articles from news sources to content that is specific and pertains only to you and your business.

Another note worth mention is what is called link building, some social media websites are the most used websites in the world. There is a practice of posting content on social media with a link back to your website. Search Engines take notice when quality links are pointing back to your website.

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