Have your Googled Your Website Lately? Why it's important to know where your Business Stands.


The Google map is an excellent indicator on well your website is being perceived by GOOGLE. BUT here’s the rub. Any business needs to follow Google protocol, and protocol comes at a price, whether you do it yourself time becomes your cost – and how does one know if they are doing it correctly? Hiring a company like Web Cola Media then obvious capital cost. But no matter what your business is from local too national from 1 location to 10 locations you cannot afford to ignore Local Listing Registering. Because your competition is not.

Important things to know, if you are local business, electrician, plumbing, estate attorney, accountant … your business needs to be registered with Google and the corresponding local business directories. The minimum cost per location is roughly $300 a month. If you have multiple locations, you need to register each location separately. It is ten times more likely that a business with more than one location not registered properly, will be negatively affected then a business with one location. For the simple reason the more locations the more the chance for inconsistency business directory listings.

A national business may feel that local listings and Google map is not that important, but from an online marketing perspective it’s like building a house without a foundation in swamp land. For a business to establish its self on the internet is needs to have a connection to a physical location. Once the location is registered with the local and national business directories the process of building a stronger and pronounced website presence can commence.

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