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Getting your business to show on a Google Map in a search results clearly one of the most beneficial places to be when it comes to organic searches. Whether the user is on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile device typically the second group of results shows MAP Listings which users gravitate towards, after the ADS.


The combination of correct business directories, back links for relevant content, proper registration with, Google My Site, Google Plus Profile all accompanied by a cluster of keywords posted on your website and tagged properly.
Web Cola Media will build a master online marketing plan, targeting your competition, constructing cluster of keywords and key phrases that is imperative to your businesses industry, this strategy will not bring your website up in searches, but will also lay stake in the very limited real estate of Google Maps.


Your website will be verified by over 50 business directories, monitored for inconsistencies and updated accordingly. Websites with inconsistencies across multiple directories inhibits the odds of your website is to come up in the listings. The development of backend content submitted to the directories will also over time enable your website to come up in the map referencing a larger array of keywords and key phrases.

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