The Importance of SEO in your Web Design

When creating a custom website design does search engine optimization (SEO) play a role in the design? The answer is YES, and here’s why search engines crawl through a websites in a very particular way. Just like you would read this blog posting you start at the top left and work your way across and down. Search Engines read the same way. Putting an emphasis on the first thing they read. On your website in the title TAG of your page is what the search engines read first. If you were to see a Headline in a newspaper and the headline had nothing to do with the article, you would view the headline as misleading, the Search Engines feel the same way about a webpage with a similar scenario.

This is why titling your pages is very important; the title has to match the content on the web page. For Example: let’s say we are selling Fly Fishing Gear, and on a Fly Rod Page we have Fly Rods, Fly Reels, Fly Lines, Waders, etc., this is an innocent mistake to describe all the products on the website on all the pages. What needs to be done the Title has to be specific to the product description ACME Fly Fish, XR7 Fly Fishing Rod, Fresh Water…

So you know how the Search Engines read a website, as the search engine works its way down the page, the more words on the page that match the words in the Title the better. In the Fly Rod Example as the crawler goes down the page sees words like FLY ROD, XR7, Freshwater Fishing, the web page will be graded higher and ultimately get better Rankings by the search engines. So considering the website design a well versed website designer in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will know how to create a design that is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. The website design needs create open fields with in the design to allow the search engine optimization (SEO) team to strategically post the matching key phrases throughout the pages and the website - we make this point because on occasion folks come to us and say I want a design like non-other, which is fun for us but we always have to point out the possible limitations when considering search engine optimization (SEO).

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