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On numerous occasions we have clients tell us we sent out an email and nothing happened - We say end up saying "NOTHING?" Even if nothing happened that is something. The statistical data tells the story how the users reacted to any email marketing campaign, the statistical date is often ignored or the in ability to interpret what to do with the information. The statistical information can almost be viewed like voting, if a user clicks on something with in your email marketing piece, that’s almost like them saying YES, I am interested. A non-click means NO I am not interested.

So how do we create more YES’s than NO’s, the statistical information will tell, did they open the email if now, than we need to consider what was used in the subject line. If they did open the email marketing piece, and did not click into your website we need to consider the content of the marketing piece. Did the email marketing piece have a strong enough incentive, "up to 30% off", did the email marking piece have clear calls to action, Click Here, Buy Now, did you include view this promotion in your browser.

The interpretation of the statistical information associated with your email marketing is crucial to refining and setting up your next email push. Understanding what your recipients responded to and what they did not, taking the positive attributes and enhancing them for the next email for a better return rate. It is important to have a Subject Line - that means something to them, many business typically put their business name in the subject line versus Up to 30% off everything Today Only, give the recipient a place to click to get to your website and product / service page.

In your email marketing promotions offer A, B and C product offering. If you are selling HDTV offer the Samsung 70" for $2999.99, the Vizio 50" $1599.99, and the ProScan 34" for $799.99. Within 24 hours your statistics will let you know which product received the most amount YES’s, thus setting you up for your next email marketing promotion.

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