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Advantage of an HTML Coded website and a custom website design- first off the website design belongs to you and only you / your company. The company brand, the energy of your company is represented in your custom web design. Whether you are conservative financial company, a young hip start up or need to show that strong reliable style, these attributes are all carried over to a custom designed website. Versus choosing a pre-cut website design - the sites content and design belongs to your company and can be moved rather quickly and easily to another hosting account and or platform.*

Better search engine optimization with straight forward HTML Designed Websites. WHY? The content lives on the webpages you are viewing when viewing a custom HTML designed website, on a Content Management webpage the content lives in a database. Not knocking CMS systems, but trying to make CMS websites friendly to Search Engines typically takes twice the effort, time and expense.

When the need to expand or create new sections to your website, a custom designed site will be more flexible for a designing and the codding for customization. Let’s say your website sells medical insurance, and now you are going to start selling financial planning packages, and we want the new services webpages to be similar to the overall theme of the website design, but yet we want something to distinguish this section of the website, maybe instead our primary colors blue on the insurance webpages we want to use green for the financial webpages. This can be achieved quicker and easier with a custom HTML coded website rather than a purchased template on a content management system.

The functionality of updating your own HTML Custom website is a little more complex than updating a website on a Content Management System CMS, Web Cola Media offers maintenance packages for a low monthly cost for keeping your website update and appealing.

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