Pro's and Con's of pre-desinged templates

Using a Content management system with an applied pre-designed purchased template, has its advantages of cost and the ability for a layperson to make updates vs. the disadvantages of what you see is what you get, gives the task of making square pegs into round wholes, getting high ranks in the search engines will take twice the effort, time and expense. The advantage of a custom designed website using straight forward HTML, the corporate brand is absolute in the design; the content can be displayed appropriately and accordingly to the message. Modifications and custom additions are not limited to the master template. Last but not least getting positive HTML designed websites are Search Engine friendly. A consideration that an expert will need to make updates to your website.

Another method, has a custom design created by a website designer, then apply the custom design to a content management system. This is our preferred way of creating a website that will ultimately live on a CMS. The initial cost tends to be a more, because the designer has to set the design with certain parameters than it gets handed over to a developer that will need to hand code hard code. Using this process when the website is all done you can make your own updates and you have a custom design that best represents your company and the task of getting Search Engine rankings is a little less daunting.

Another Method, create a custom website, using straight forward HTML and for the section your company needs to update on a regular basis, we have a developer create the ability for a non-technical web person to make changes to those sections. This method is kind of the best of both worlds, the website is always up to date, its looks graphically pleasing and the HTML pages can be submitted to the search engines for positive results.


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