Does it Matter Where Your Host Your Website?

When hiring a website team all the things we mentioned in this series are all major consideration when choosing a team. Something that is very important that seems to be a lost detail, when the website is already to go live, where are you going to host it? Does it matter where you host you host your website.

The answer is absolutely yes, if your website is slow loading because of the hosting, new users will not wait more than 4 seconds for your website to load. Why the slow loading of your website, if the hosting company is stack tons of websites on the server along with your site, the traffic to that server can be overbearing to allow the users to view the websites quickly, also there may be another site on that same server receiving 100,000 hits daily and you may only be getting 300 hits daily, the website that is getting 100K Daily is slowing down the server for everyone else. Something else to consider is the hobby programmer that is experimenting with code, and posting up to their site, and the code is bad, this will slow your website as well. It will take the hosting company longer to figure out which website is slowing down the server, when they have stacked tons of websites on one server.

Side Note: If a website developer is not that skilled there is the possibility that they code your website incorrectly which can cause the website load improperly which can slow the site down.

The roads to your website are less traveled, consider going a family trip in the family car, on the major interstate the rest areas have Gas, Food and Rest Rooms, conveniently located on the interstate. Is anyone more inclined to look for an exit ramp and travel into some town hoping to find a gas station of in the woods somewhere? When considering a hosting company you want the hosting company to be as close as the information super highway as possible. If someone types in your domain name, you don’t want their browser traveling down through the back woods of the internet for your website to come up.

All the above factors, slow servers, too many websites on a server, hobby coders, and improper setup by the website designer, to far away from the internet combined or individually will have negative effects on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Some quick definitions: Shared Hosting is when your website and other websites are on the same server and tend to charge a minimal monthly fee. In most cases shared hosting will suffice. Dedicated Hosting is when your website is hosted alone, by itself on one server. Dedicated host can very expensive and is typically used when there are several databases and specific applications.

If you do not have an IT or your website developer on call, when choosing a hosting company make sure the hosting company answer the phone / email /available by chat. Some companies do email only. When a hosting account is created make sure you have full access to the control panel and allow your website developer access accordingly.

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