Website Development

Website Develpoment Design is typically what people see on the web site the Graphics, the fonts, navigation buttons, when you push a navigation button and you are brought to the next page – that would be considered development in its most simplest form. The navigation button that you pushed in this example was coded so when the mouse clicked, the code directed the site to go to the proper coded page.

More complex examples of development example would be the functionality that you would see on Facebook (The following would be examples of code development you would see: the function to set up an account that you can return to by using your login. The functions to post comments, photos, LIKE, FAN and to Log Out. These are all results of programming; they are codes that have been developed that enable the functionality to happen.

Web Site Development Software Solutions
Web Cola Media provides the gamut of software solutions including design, development and integration services for companies seeking to create business applications and/or enhance existing ones. We partner with you from the beginning to define your business needs. From there, we tailor an approach that allows your business to grow and respond to changes in the industry and reduces your operating costs, all while staying within your budget and timeline. Our software solutions include:

•Workflow Applications and Portals •Product Development & Support •Technology Migration •Application Integration •Mobile Application •Technical Helpdesk •Java Frameworks •.Net Frameworks •Database technologies

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