Email Marketing a Major Part of the Marketing Mix

Email Marketing Gets your Business InBoxed.

You are probably seeing this more and more across the internet. Whether you are an e-commerce retailer, an organization that relies on donations, a company that offers services, or targets B2B, the approach to your opt-in loyalist would be slightly different, but the message is the same - you are thinking of them. And more importantly we want them to be thinking of you. Email marketing messages can offer product reviews, advice articles, product promotions and information on upcoming events, all to keep your customers aware and involved with your business.

The most important part of email marketing is the numbers, for an ecommerce website to see results in their email marketing efforts they need to have 5000 recipients or more on their email list. A service oriented company may need less than 2000 if their service is unique and or specific if the service is highly competitive then the numbers will have to be much higher than that of the ecommerce list.

Subject lines should be conversational controversial but not insulting, the subject lines typically can affect your marketing efforts negatively or positively based on a recipients who are getting email promotional from you for the first time or do not know who you are. A subject line like News Years is next week what are we doing?

Something forgotten in many emails I receive is there is no link back to the website. When creating an email not only should the recipients be directed back to the website - but a custom designed webpage that will enhance the email marketing piece and then direct the user down a specific path. The customized page is called a landing page and the path you have created that you want them to travel down is known as a funnel. Another mistake is not paying attention to your email marketing stats, what did they click on, what did they not click on did they go to the website, did they use the view this as a webpage, what aspects of the design was effective and appealing.

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