Not being Google compliant before the split maybe equated to not getting on to Noah's Ark before the flood. 

The new mobile only Google database will heavily favor those websites that follow the mobile friendly protocol. 

We believe the getting on the ark has four requirements. Obviously, a mobile friendly website is the first step.  Next, you’ll need local listing verification, quick download speed of your web pages and our experience has shown you need to be engaged in Google Adwords

A mobile friendly website simply means your website automatically resizes and reformats its content based on what device is viewing your website. If you look at your site on a desktop then “squish” your browser and the content starts to move around then you are probably mobile friendly if a scroll bar appears at the bottom of your browser then you are probably not. 
Use this tool to test your website.

As folks are walking around Googling “Pizza Near Me” the last thing Google wants is a person to end up in the wrong place because of their search results. There are 40 main directory websites that verify and influence Google verifying a businesses location. Interesting enough one of the most important business directories to be verified on is YAHOO. 

If your website takes longer to download than 4 seconds, this is not good. Slower downloads mean the user is going to lose interest and move on to another website.  This could also mean the page is requiring more than average data usage which is not fair to the user who is after all your intended customer.

Having a brand based Pay Per Click program aka Adwords will enhance any online marketing effort.  While there is no favoritism by Google for businesses that use PPC Adwords, when it comes to organic search results, having links back to your website on the most popular website on the planet can’t hurt.  With a brand base PPC program, you primarily target your business name and generally keywords related to it.  This way, you do not get into bidding wars, and you’ll come up in Adwords if someone googles you on their mobile device. 

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