How Much Does Google Get Paid per Click?

Google makes billions when it comes to advertising only. Business owners are spending a lot of money on advertising on the search engine and with good reason. Google processes over a billion searches a day. Advertising on their platform exposes you to billions of users around the world at a fraction of the cost it would take for your website to get such an audience through other means.

How much does AdWords cost?
Many people considering Google AdWords ask this question. They want to know how much they will spend on AdWords before they commit to it. This is understandable. However, this question isn’t easy to answer for the simple reason that there is no set answer.

The range that people pay per click for their ads varies so greatly that it is difficult to give an average. Keywords can cost you less than a dollar. They can also cost you hundreds of dollars. Some highly competitive phrases have been known to hit a maximum of close to a thousand dollars.

What influences the costs?
A better question to ask is what will influence the cost of your ads. There are various factors that come into play.
  • How much you’re willing to spend
One of the best things about AdWords is that it gives you full control over your budget. You can therefore determine how much or little you spend on your campaign. Many small businesses prefer to use AdWords precisely because of this. Even businesses on a tight budget can make significant strides with a campaign that is properly managed.
  • The value of your service or product
The value of what you are offering will influence the amount you bid on keywords. If you’re likely to make a lot on a single sale, then it makes sense to bid higher for your keyword. If you will make only five dollars on a single sale, it makes sense to limit your bids to a few cents.
  • Your industry
Your industry also influences the cost of the keywords. The level of competition, size of the market and the number of available keywords play a key role in determining the cost of the keywords.

Google provides advertisers with a means by which they can estimate the cost of keywords they are interested in. This is possible by using the Keyword Planner Tool. It is best to set your budget at the low end when starting out and venture into deeper waters as you learn more about the marketing landscape.


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