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Email Marketing Series

So many missed opportunities we see from other email marketing campaigns, in reference to no were to click - whether the products and or the content, the email is dead in the water without clear and concise indicators on what you want the recipients to click on as well as everything needs to be linked. Not only should there be a place to click, but that click needs to be coded for tracking and it should land your customer exactly where you need them to be. The Landing Page, is a webpage is a custom designed and post on your website for a specific product and or service - the call to action is clear, BUY NOW, CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE and FILL OUT THIS FORM and we will contact you.

Lets Talk TV’s, this conversation can apply to any product or service, you send out email marketing promotional pieces, you are pushing 3 TVs, - High end large screen - Mid size Mid Price -Small Low Price, First Rule each one of those TVs need to link back to your website, and not he homepage that is currently pushing Dell CPU’s, but a page displaying the products that where in the email marketing piece, descriptions, add to cart, read reviews, look at the multi photos of product X. 2 other things to consider one from a usability perspective, the importance of "Having Trouble Viewing This Email" of Click Here for the web version of this message" Very important, there is Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL, Mac Mail the list goes on and on. With all these different mail products it’s difficult to get an email delivered the same to each one. This link should take them to your website, not the company you are doing your emailing through.

The other thing to consider, for our TV example create 3 landing pages on your website - one for each TV Price point, if the Mid-Size Mid-Priced television is a 60" HDTV at $799.99, when the customer clicks thru, they land on a webpage on your website with 5 TVs - ranging from 45 inch to 65 inch, pricing from $499.99 to $899.99 a variety of brands, you have qualified the customers need and budget all in one click - you have also offered them a cluster of products to choose from and improved your conversion rate on your website tenfold.

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