Do You Find It Hard Getting Your Wordpress Site Ranked In Google?

When trying to get your WordPress website to the top of Google seems to be a daunting task, Google doesn’t hate WordPress but when trying to get to the top of Google it would just seem that any Search Engine Optimization Program is futile to get good listings. The main thing you should know to move your website up in Google when hiring a Search Engine Optimization company makes sure they are qualified and specialize in getting your WordPress website moved up in the rankings.

There a slue inexperienced website designers who are making a living selling websites on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a fine product enables non-technical people to update, add, and customize a website with a username and password (Content Management System CMS). The inexperienced website designers are typically purchasing templates for your website and applying them to the WordPress Platform. This practice typically has been done incorrectly which makes future efforts to improve search engine rankings almost impossible.

If the inexperience is really inexperienced the application of the template applied to the WordPress platform Google, Bing and Yahoo will view all text as duplicate content. Search Engine view duplicate content as a possible trick to get better search engine rankings and will list your site and your content on a warning list. Warnings need to be corrected on your website the longer a warning goes unresolved the worse it is for your website.

Also Consider the original WordPress software was created for blogging, the blogging software over the years morphed into website CMS software, the website software is the offspring of the blog software, search engines rank blogs, news feeds and social media in a different manner then they rank conventional websites.

In addition websites that are of a content management system or an ecommerce online software system nature, the art of getting these kinds of websites getting high rankings with in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, is exactly that an art and years of experience. Last but not least it is believed hackers and spammers in 2009 and 2010 targeted WordPress blogs as a way to push out malware and negative content. It is also believed hackers and spammers where creating blogs to get better listings for themselves or their clients.

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