Was your website ready for the Ecommerce Holiday Season?

Not a bad time now to make some notes on what worked, what did not work and what is really important to consider for 2015 ecommerce for the holidays. A few things we noticed, our advice of not beating the Black Friday and Cyber Monday buzz words into the was not taken by any of the major retailers which was an advantage for our clients, when people opened their email on Black Friday and saw 10 emails with the subject line "Black Friday…" versus Happy Holidays 40% Off Everything All Weekend!.

We are putting that on our list of "That Worked List". Our plan of pre-promoting the Black Friday Sales through Social Media gets a check next to it as well. We found the initial response from the sale was up 40% over last year’s Friday launch. We base this on when the first email marketing material was sent out Friday Morning. As a side note our email marketing software is integrated with relevant social media marketing and blog outlets. Deliver the clients message through all channels all at once.

Our note to ourselves for the 2015 ecommerce Holiday Season, is was not enough to start planning by September, for the 2015 online retail planning we are going to start in August. When the Back to School Sales statistics becomes available we will adjust our marketing plan accordingly.

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