When Customers Google Your Website

Your Customers are Using Google To Get Your Website. Even if your customer knows your (www.) website to get to your website they open Google type your business name, you most likely come up, click your business name in the search results and on to your website. Right? Or so we hope. We did a website for a small service firm in my hometown a few years back. After the site went live there was little interest in marketing the site. They had their client base went under the presumption everyone knows who we are and how to find us.

Over the holidays the owner knew of some referrals by current clients, friends and or associates that where coming in. When they did not he did a little investigation, he learned that under several web searches his competition was coming up a head of him in the search results. Under different versions of his name his competition, his website was mixed in with them but not always number 1.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a must for all websites that are competing for business, especially a local business like discussed above,that is looking to capture a local demographic , maybe a 15 -20 mile radius. Optimizing search engines for a local business's website is a different approach then a business website that is targeting national clients or customers.

Your Search Engine Optimization SEO would of course make sure the website is tagged properly, no errors, warnings or notices against the website. Your website should be submitted consistent with all the local directories. The address, business hours, business descriptions and descriptions of services again a consistent as possible. If you your goal is to attract a national audience to your website I would recommend the above as a good way of developing attractions for your website in the search engines

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