Thanksgiving Comes Early This Year: Start Your Holiday Season Even Earlier

It goes without saying that Thanksgiving (November 23) is one of the most important ecommerce holidays today. It is not just an American holiday anymore as the whole world now appreciates it and more importantly, there are incredible online deals to take advantage of.

There are only 27 days between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas this year, which translates to about 6 days less than in 2016. How do you make up for the lost days?
You have to start early enough if you are to leverage these higher holiday sales. If you were planning to get started on Black Friday, you better rethink your strategy. With the high levels of competition in the ecommerce platform, you need to start strategizing early in order to launch by November 2. If you have no plan for your holiday sales by now, you are late and your team should get down to work.

Remember a lot of research is needed including an evaluation of your 2016 holiday season campaign, learning the trending keywords and new consumer trends, deciding on the marketing technique before finally launching. Make sure you have landing pages that are fully aligned with your marketing campaign. More so, provide a seamless browsing experience for your shoppers.

Well, back-to-school shoppers had the option of waiting till the last best deal but back-to-college¬†¬†¬† students don’t have that privilege. When the holiday season kicks in, there is no looking back as shoppers have just one thing in mind; to shop. If you don’t launch early, you will be missing great opportunities to boost sales.

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