FAQs How and Should Small Business Use Digital Marketing

Where do small business owners go for marketing advice?
In today's world it's hard to find the right advice, and even harder to find the right advice source. Why? Three main reasons:

  1. Digital Marketing is constantly evolving
  2. Your Business is unlike Any other
  3. The source of the advise may have ulterior motives

Why should small businesses use digital marketing?
Referrals are a thing of the past; Americans are ten times more likely to search for products and services than ask a friend for a recommendation. It is crucial for your business information to show on the web.

How Digital Marketing Helps Small and Medium Businesses?

The good news is digital marketing helps small and medium businesses compete with big businesses; the bad news is we don’t have a choice but to compete with big business. With the likes of Amazon, TurboTax, Uber, GoDaddy, Target ... you get the idea; digital marketing enables us to compete for market share against the big ones.

What are good marketing strategies for a small business?

The most important piece of advise we can offer is consistency and do not engage in POP SHOT marketing. For Example, posting on your blog thrity-two times in April and once in May, does more harm than good. Don't fall for the Trick of the Month Club, some marketers will make claims, spend a clump of money on a one-shot deal and sit back and watch the new business come in.

What is the best way to promote your small business online?

Create a Marketing Mix of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Strategy, Promos and Incentives. Every business is different, and no two marketing strategies are the same.

How do small businesses market themselves?

As a Small Business you understand WHO YOU ARE, WHAT IS YOU DO and WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER. Through Website, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization … with all of these channels it allows you to get across your message to tell the STORY of your BUSINESS.

What should every small business owner know about marketing?

As a small business we all know there is only so much time in the day …. Website Marketing is time consuming, and not being 100% clear on what works for you and what works against you can result in the loss of capital and valuable time.

As a small business should I be using an SEO marketing agency?

The Short Answer is Yes. But ask yourself, what will maximize your return on investment when hiring an SEO agency? More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales, Being First in Search, Expanding Your Brand...ect. Be clear on what you are going to spend and what your goals are for your website.

How much does digital marketing affect small business?

Have you ever talked into your phone and asked “Pizza Near Me”? Being at the top of the results in this PIZZA example, is the result of Digital Marketing.

What are some ideas for marketing to small businesses?

Be consistent with your messaging, and be consistent with broadcasting your messages thru your website and through social media.

What's the best way for a non-tech-savvy small business owners to find the right Marketing Agency?

We believe in explaining what needs to be done, how we are going to execute the strategy and what to expect as a result in terms that you can understand.

Is it ideal to learn digital marketing as a businessman?

Think of it this way, if you need to go to a Doctor, you don’t need to LEARN how to be a Doctor, but it is important to understand your health and your health options.

Is marketing applicable to small businesses?

In today’s digital age marketing is applicable now more than ever. Think of it this way “Your Competitor Is Only One Click Away”

What questions do small business owners have about SEO?

How does it work? There are hundreds of factors that need to be correct and in place, then and only then can one start their SEO Marketing.

What do small business owners really need help with?

First and Foremost, all small businesses need to ensure their business information is submitted correctly to all the high-profile websites such as, Google, Bing, Yelp, Manta, Facebook, etc.

Is it important to invest in SEO for small business owners?

There are primarily two kinds of SEO  - Organic, which has a longer lasting effect on search engines but takes longer to see results (months). Then there is Paid Ads which will be seen in less than 2 weeks in the top spots in the search engines, but when you stop buying placement the links to your site disappear.

How do small businesses select a marketing agency?

It helps if the Small Business Agency is local enough to understand your demographic, a company overseas it not going to understand the nuances between Nassau County and Manhattan. Explaining and conveying what they are doing, why they are doing it and what you can expect. Also factor in the cost of services and if it makes sense for your specific budget.

What percentage of online marketing spend is small businesses?

Your First Question is..... what is the VALUE of a Sale? What is the VALUE of a new customer or a client? This becomes a tight rope walk for small business.

What are marketing types for small business?

On page Marketing – posting content on your website that is relevant. Off page marketing – posting content on other websites and sending links back to your website, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, directory verification and posting marketing, blogging. Every business has different a different marketing mix that is unique and effective for their type of business.

Why are small business owners not using Facebook advertising?

Choosing Facebook to advertise is comparable to choosing the New York Times over Sports Illustrated (it depends on your products or services versus who is the demographic you are trying to reach). Facebook is an older demographic and serves up Ads based on the users profile, vs. Google Ads, serves up ads based on the persons Actual Search Query in the moment.

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