What is Your Current Brand? Who Are You? Who Do You Want to Be?

From a reality perspective how does your business fit when it comes to market share and the types of clients you attract as well as maintain. Does the reality of the image of who you are as a business convey to your digital media perspective, Website Design, Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization and overall online brand? How do we define who we are?

If you already have been in business for a couple of years, examine who your current clients are, create a list of your current customers then divide them up in to groups. The groups should be according to the type of business you are in. A service business is obviously being different than an ecommerce website.

Let’s discuss these 2 examples briefly – a services business like Plumbing, may have clients that only call when disaster hits, another group only call when something needs to be fixed, then those who keep things up to date, a group new and updating fixtures, then those who are constantly updating and renovating.

In the ecommerce Website realm, a list maybe those who only buy when the deal is ridiculously low, the customer who needs something but is willing to wait a little while for deal and the customer who wants it today.

Looking at our groups of current customer – which customer group do we want to attract more of, which one is most profitable, ease of doing business at the same time giving the business the ability to grow and handle these types of client / customers.

Now in the creation of our marketing material website design, verbiage used in our Google ADWORDS etc, 2 things we need to consider Who Are We Currently Attracting and Who Do We want to Attract? Our Goal is not to offend the current client base and move the branding into a new spectrum of the more desirable customer.

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