Brand Marketing Balance between Design, Branding, and Google Compliance

Google Marketing has set the criteria for the ultimate brand in modern advertising on 2 fronts, the first front can be summed up in 2 words “Google It” how many times a day do we hear some say “Google It”. The second front is a little more complex, Google has and is constantly updating their algorithms so YOU MR. or MRS Googler will be delivered the best results when searching under a particular query.But what does this mean for your Brand as a website / business owner, one needs to follow the outlines set forth the Google Search Algorithms.

A few basics are mobile ready, location verification, relevant content, links to relevant content on your site (but not too many) meta tags need to relevant. So does being compliant mean we have to sacrifice our BRAND? Orchestrating Google compliance, your brand, your message and to trigger your potential client to take action, has been become a mix of code, content and creative.While the Google Marketing attracts the clients, it’s the message and the branding of a website, that encourages a person to say YES, we want to do business with your company. Presentation, planning and landing your potential clients is essential when creating your website and developing its pages.

We have worked hard, invested time and capital so with our best foot forward that client needs to be presented with what they expect when landing in our desired location on our website. How do we know what they expect to see? We read their minds, Yes, that’s how we do it. OK – not exactly – but we do know what keywords we have pushed forward to be found in the search engines, we have skillfully crafted that blue blurb under our search listings. Our message is clear and defined, the potential user clicks through and what do they see? What they expect is an extension of what they have clicked on, LOGO identifying the company, imagery large (not to big) visually matching what is on their mind, headlines to draw them in further to compelling content and a call to action, buy, call, email.

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