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Progressive apps are all the rage in the web development community. There’s good reason for this. Before the introduction of these apps, development for desktop and mobile apps was completely separate. However, progressive apps make use of modern web techniques to give mobile users a native app-like experience.

Progressive apps are the future for various reasons.

1. Seamless access

Unlike native apps, progressive apps don’t have to be downloaded or installed. You don’t have to go through all the rigors of downloading an app, allowing permissions, and so on. You can simply search for the website and access the progressive app without downloading it. It saves both time and precious data.

2. Allows for offline access to content

Progressive apps allow for access to content when you’re offline. You can still access content even when the website can’t be accessed. This helps when you need to work offline.

3. Updates are easy

You won’t have to access the app store to get updates or tweaks for the app. You can fix errors and bugs on the go. There’s no need to write separate code for Apple or android devices either.

4. Greater security

Security is a big deal in this digital era, which is understandable with hackers looking for ways to access personal data. Progressive apps are programed in secure environments. They therefore provide a secure means of accessing content. You can use your credit card and other personal information with great peace of mind.

5. Greater speed

Progressive apps offer users greater efficiency and reliability. The Service Workers and Java Scripts run separately from the thread of the main website. This means that the app can load instantly no matter how slow your internet speed is.

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