How to Use Mobile Apps

If you’re looking for a way to improve the user experience for your mobile users, you should consider using progressive web apps. These are designed to provide a better user experience. They are:

1. Reliable

Progressive web apps make use of service workers that operate separately from the web page. Service workers are written in JavaScript. They function like proxies that put you in control of the cache. They respond to resource requests and eliminate the dependence on the network. When the progressive web app is launched from the user’s home screen, the service worker ensures that the app can load instantly no matter the state of the network. This ensures reliable and instant access for users.

2. Engaging

Progressive web apps give users the same engaging web experience while providing native app capabilities. Users get to be immersed in the full screen experience that responsive websites offer, and the same level of control that native apps provide.
These apps can be installed and used live from the home screen of the user’s mobile device. You can specify the icon for the home screen, which page should be loaded when the app is launched, whether to show the browser, as well as the screen orientation.

3. Fast

Service workers ensure that progressive web apps are fast no matter how fast or slow your internet connection is. There is no poor loading to worry about. You get to experience great graphics and smooth animations.

If you’re looking for a way to increase engagement with your target audience, progressive web apps are the best way to go. They will improve conversions, and are also reliable. You can reach a wider audience than you would with other channels.

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