Improve Your Conversion Rates

Progressive web apps combine the best of native applications with the best of what the web has to offer to give users a better experience. These apps promise to drastically improve conversion rates for businesses.

If you haven’t invested in progressive web apps yet, you may want to consider the many advantages they offer businesses.

1. Low Data Usage

These apps help users save precious data. They consume far less data than native apps as they don’t have to be downloaded or installed, and can be used offline.

2. No Updates Required

You don’t have to update the apps. Unlike native apps that require regular updates, progressive apps work just like websites. This means that they can be updated in the background. Updates can therefore be done a lot quicker. You also don’t have to write different code for Apple and Android.

3. Money Saving

Developing progressive apps is much cheaper than developing native apps. You will not have to develop separate apps for Android and IOs. You simply develop the progressive app and begin to reap the benefits of the high return on investment.

4. They’re Great for SEO

If you’ve been struggling with your ranking on search engine results pages, you should incorporate a progressive app to improve your ranking. Progressive apps are indexed quickly, therefore boosting ranking fast.

5. Good ROI

Progressive apps will get you a great return on your investment. The apps provide a seamless experience that mobile users will appreciate. You can easily increase your conversion rates as a result.

More businesses are exploring the use of progressive apps. Don’t be the business that is left behind.

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