There is no doubt that search engines spread lots of misinformation.  

When we “Google” something, one never really takes into consideration that Google is not always 100% accurate.  A lot of internet surfers make the common mistake of assuming google is always right and we all know what happens when we ‘assume’!  Reading explanations and other information on the internet is not as accurate as having the information explained in person or over the phone. Therefore, misinformation and misconception is an ongoing problem. An article that was posted on January 5th 2017, on the SEJ (Search Engine Journal) site, accurately describes 10 different backlink misconceptions. Misconceptions that individuals who are in the web industry should be more aware of. When we are out there creating sites and trying to make our businesses bigger and better, we want to be sure our SEO and our back-end content is on point. Some misconceptions that were mentioned in the article that should be avoided, include using affiliate & paid links, over-optimizing anchor texts, making mentions without a link to content, assuming blog links are spam links and more. Not everyone might have these misconceptions, however for those in the web industry having second thoughts, this article is one to consider reading.

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