How to Align Your Landing Pages with Your Holiday Season Marketing

If your business is not yet ready for the holiday season, you should be worried because time is running out. One of the major blunders marketers make in the rush to cash in on higher spending is failure to optimize their site’s landing pages. You might have the best PPC campaign in your niche but if the landing pages are not contextually aligned, you will experience low conversion rates.

Your landing pages must support expectations of shoppers coming from your holiday season paid ads or email marketing campaign. When a visitor comes to your site, you have just a few seconds to convert them from browsers into buyers.

For holiday shoppers who are stressed out and pressed for time, you need a landing page that instantly captures their attention. Here’s how to use landing pages for higher conversion this holiday season:

  1. Build a temporary holiday landing page: Include coupon codes, information on sales, gift-worthy products or anything else holiday shoppers want.
  2. Time-Sensitivity and Sense of Urgency: Communicate the need for the shopper to take action now on the above-the-fold on your landing pages and wrap it with an urgent call-to-action.
  3. Display Promotions and Specials: What you promise in your ads must be prominently displayed on your landing page.
  4. Design a clear path to conversion: You have to make things very easy for prospects to convert. Strive for a single click from product to the order form.
  5. Provide seamless navigation: Ease of navigation is necessary in case a shopper wants to find more related items or information to help them make a purchase.
  6. Leverage seasonal color themes and images: Bring some cheer to your landing pages.
  7. Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages: The shift to mobile is real and your campaign and landing page must be optimized for mobile shoppers.
  8. Social media integration: Make your content easier to share for higher visibility and conversion rates.

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