Here's How to get the Best out of Amazon Holiday Advertising

With the holiday season approaching, your business needs to come up with the best strategy fast enough. Competition is more vicious than ever and if you are not fast off the blocks, you might lose out on a good opportunity to increase sales, boost revenue and increase brand awareness.

Amazon advertising is one of the strategies that brands overlook yet it has been proven that Amazon is one of the most powerful platforms when it comes to sales. By creating the best brand experience here, you can change the fortunes of your business this holiday season.

Here are some things to consider for your Amazon holiday advertising campaign to work:

  • Set priorities: Now that you have so many products in your store, which work best with an Amazon campaign? Check for holiday related products and create a campaign targeting these.

  • Early does it: For your Amazon holiday advertising campaign to work, start early enough. Don’t wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to start rushing; by now you should have everything set up and ready to go if you are not already in the market.

  • Manual and automatic targeting options: Leverage both strategies to cast the net wider and enjoy better results.

  • Consistency: Be consistent in your messaging across the different Amazon ads you run.

  • Test the waters first: Start small before you go further for larger campaigns with big ad spend.

  • Leverage data: One advantage of Amazon for holiday season market is the availability of data to help you make quick changes to the campaign.

  • Close monitoring: Automating might look like the best idea, but for a high return on advertising spend, run a closely managed campaign.

It’s never too early for Amazon holiday advertising; start now.

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