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While we mentioned earlier on the use of the phrase Black Friday and Cyber Monday has been beat until folks are numb to it their subject lines. But Green Monday very modest in terms the phrase being beat to death, in the online retailers that we monitor only a few jumped on the Green Day buzz word. The term comes from eBay, a few years back eBay on their website noticed a surge in sales on the Monday roughly 2 weeks before Christmas.

This year 2014 Green Monday surged 15 percent to a $1.6 Billion in sales ranked the 3rd heaviest online sales day after Cyber Monday and the day after Cyber Monday Dec 2. The 2014 ecommerce selling season is on its way to being the biggest website selling season on record. It will be interesting to see overall how much was spent in retailer bricks and mortar and ecommerce in total.

Did people overall spend more or did the overall spend the stay the same as last year - and was there a shift to shopping ecommerce websites versus conventional retailers. All the numbers that are coming in are showing a spark in the economy and hopefully we will all have a prosperous 2015.

What all this proves ecommerce marketing and promoting sales of products and services through your website, promoting through Social Media, Email Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are justifiable marketing cost from the Hobby Commerce to the Fortune 500. These statistics are based on desktop sales and are taken from ComScore Article posted Dec 10 2014 on

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